Stay safe this Winter !

Help family and emergency services locate you in case of emergency or concern

Once installed on your phone, GridLocate GPS Tracker runs in the background sending your accurate location to our servers every 15 minutes. Family and friends can create a free account, and add your device to their connected list.
In case of emergency or concern, they can view your current location and location history.

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Winter Safety

Give family peace-of-mind !

GPS Tracker helps family and friends locate you in case of emergency.

Step 1: Download GPS Tracker onto your phone.
Step 2: Ask family to sign up for a FREE Gridlocate account.
Step 3: Family add your device to their connected list, to view your location in case of concern.

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Accurate Locations when it matters

GPS Tracker Phone Tracker in hand
Accurate GPS Location

Using blended GPS and WIFI data, GPS Tracker can locate devices to within 114 meters (*real-time average based on live data).

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Simple to use, easy to install

Download the app, give the device a name, and you're done. There's no login, configuration or app settings to play with.

GPS Tracker on any data provider
Available, on any mobile network

We're operating in 229 countries , across 12,385,316 locations

GPS Locator app less battery usage
Less battery consumption

GPS Tracker uses less than 2% of your battery per day, and less than 1Mb of data per month.