Laird Sentrius LoRaWAN Gateway

Sentrius LoRaWAN Gateway with WIFI+Bluetooth+Ethernet


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Sentrius LoRaWAN Gateway – by Laird

The Sentrius  LoRaWAN™Gateway is our most popular  LoRaWAN™gateway.  Released in early 2017, the Laird Sentrius is in our opinion is the most reliable, easy-to-use  LoRaWAN™ Gateway in our catalog.  We’ve done extensive tests of the leading LoRa® gateways, and voted this gateway Number #1.

1.) Reliability: We’ve found other gateways to be unreliable.  They lose their connections randomly, fail to reconnect following a power outage or drop packets via 3G.  The Laird Sentrius has never let us down.

2.) Ease-of-use: Out-of-the-box, Laird can be up and running in 2-3 minutes.  Its interface is simple, intuitive and fast.  It contains pre-configured menu options to connect to some of the leading networks.

3.) Specification:  This is a full  LoRaWAN™ enabled gateway based on the Semtech SX1301/SX1257 chipset designs with a LoRa range up to 10 miles, and pre-loaded  LoRaWAN™ packet Forwarder software.

4.) Price-point:  As an indoor gateway, it’s a good cost.

Use Cases

The Laird  LoRaWAN™ Gateway is the ideal choice for indoor IoT projects.  The gateway gives you multi-protocol connectivity to long-distance IoT sensors so that you can create actionable IOT intelligence.  This Gateway provides the perfect platform for all your IoT Projects.

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