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LoRaWAN Temperature Sensor (zTemp)


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LoRa® Temperature Sensor

The GridLocate LoRa® temperature sensor provides a temperature and humidity monitoring solution, compatible with the LoRaWAN network with a battery lifecycle of about 2 years.  The device comes pre-programmed to send the temperature and humidity readings every 5 minutes to our central servers.  Using our configuration tools, we can change the frequency of the updates.

Originally designed for indoor operations, the LoRa® temperature sensor is extremely popular with our customers.  We’re in discussion with a number of clients looking for a bespoke temperature monitoring solution.  Our device is provided as a prototype for initial research and field studies.

Typical use cases:

  • Temperature sensors for industrial and catering fridges, freezers and cold storage areas
  • Monitoring outbuilding temperatures
  • Monitor room temperatures in the homes of the elderly/seniors and vulnerable.
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouses.
  • Monitoring temperature in remote fields, for the safety of livestock.

This LoRa® Temperature Sensor is sold as a full working prototype for client tests. We are working on an IP67 version and expect to release this in Q4 2017.   If you have specific requirements for the device, please contact us.

This device communicates with our GridLocate Platform.  Find out more here: IoT Platform

LoRaWAN Requirements

Our range of IoT Sensors requires the devices to be located within the range of a LoRaWAN network, a low-power Wide Area Network created by installing one or more LoRa® gateways with aerials.  A single LoRa® gateway provides coverage up to 15km line-of-sight, and several kilometers in urban areas. Whilst LoRaWAN gateways are available for under $300, you may find that The Things Network ( or other providers already have coverage in your area.

Contact us for more information or to discuss your project.