Personal GPS Tracker (zTrack)


The GridLocate zTrack GPS Tracker is a rugged IP67 tracker designed for use in areas with  LoRaWAN™ coverage.  This mini version is designed for tracking people and assets over a period of days, weeks or months (depending on the configuration).Mini is a
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Personal GPS Tracker

Our Personal tracking device is a small and compact GPS Tracker providing you with accurate GPS locations and real-time movements of people.  It’s the ideal product for tracking those out and about including children, seniors, vulnerable adults, lone workers, volunteers and more.

Our Personal GPS Trackers are designed to be used with  LoRaWAN™, a low-power Wide Area Network created by installing one or more LoRa® gateways with aerials.  A single LoRa® gateways provide coverage up to 15km line-of-sight and several kilometers in urban areas. Whilst  LoRaWAN™ gateways are available for under $300, you may find that The Things Network (www.thethingsnetwork.com) or other providers already have coverage in your area.

By default, the Personal GPS Tracker is designed to send updates roughly every 60 minutes.  When movement is detected via the onboard accelerometer, it starts sending updates every 2 minutes.  In typical use, the GPS Tracker Mini can work for up to 5 weeks with one single charge.  The device is charged using a standard Micro-USB cable.  It can be fully charged in 1 hour.

The Personal GPS Tracker is designed for conceptual testing and prototyping, but is a fully functioning device and fully integrated with our GridLocate Tracking Platform.

Typical use cases include:

  • Mountain and Outdoor Safety:  Using one or more GPS Tracker Mini’s to track mountainers, walkers or remote workers in rural areas.  In the event of an incident (e.g. bad weather), safety teams can quickly locate everyone and ensure they are brought back to safety.
  • Livestock and wild animals.  A variant of the GPS Tracker Mini can be used to track livestock and wild animals across large areas.  It’s entirely feasible to set up a portable LoRa® Gateway that allows operators to cover large areas to locate the animals.
  • School, pupil or teacher safety.  These devices can be used to locate pupils or staff in case of emergency or concern.
  • Concerts, Events:  You can assign these devices to key individuals deployed at a major Event, and use the centralized location tracking system to monitor their location.

All our GPS trackers have an accelerometer and a temperature meter inside.  The device can be configured via USB to change the default settings.

The Personal GPS Tracker is IP67. It can withstand direct water jets and has been submerged in water for several hours and still operated.

This Personal GPS Tracker is sold as a full working prototype for client tests. If you have specific requirements for the device, please contact us.

This device communicates with our GridLocate Platform.  Find out more here: IoT Platform

Contact us for more information or to discuss your project.