GPS Tracking Devices

The GridLocate tracking platform supports a number of GPS Tracking Solutions.
Track people using their existing smart phones with our Android and iOS solutions.
We've developed bespoke solutions for companies using hardware GPS trackers, GPS watches and GPS car trackers.
Our API v2.0 provides support for GPS vehicle tracking, assets and IOT connected devices.
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We've got your location covered.... here's the live stats:
229 Countries
12,385,316 Locations
Accurate to 17 meters
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GPS Tracker

A reliable and accurate GPS Tracker for iPhone and Android devices

Available to download through the Itunes App Store and the Google Play Store, the GPS Tracker by GridLocate is accurate down to 6 metres.

  • location_on Easy to install. Easy to use. Easy to trust.
  • location_on Runs in the background tracking their accurate location
  • location_on A non intrusive option providing new location data every 15 minutes.
  • location_onPeace of mind for managers, business owners and family.
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Beacon GPS Tracking App

GPS Beacon

A secure GPS Tracker app for Android, designed for business.

An improved interface with phone number verification and group management, this is our preferred app for businesses, event management and charities.

  • location_on Easier to register and connect devices to your account
  • location_on Allows users to search for and join your tracking group
  • location_on Phone number verification, provides security and control.
  • location_on Available for Android.
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GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracker Devices

A new range of GPS Location devices for people, pets, car and asset tracking.

Currently in development, we're working with several suppliers to deliver best-in-class GPS tracking devices. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

  • location_on GPS Vehicle Trackers, that connect with your car's OBD ports
  • location_on Waterpoof IP67 GPS Pet Trackers
  • location_on IOT LORA connected GPS/WIFI devices
  • location_on Wearables including GPS Tracking Watches for kids.
  • location_on Compatible with our online GPS Tracking system.

Are the GPS Trackers real-time?

Yes. You can request real-time updates 24/7. When real-time is not required, the GPS Tracker apps and devices send a location update every 15 minutes, with location history recorded for up to 30 days. Additional location updates are sent when the devices and apps sense the device is travelling.

With regular location updates, our GPS Tracker apps are phone battery friendly. Real-time updates would drain a battery quickly, but on iPhone and Android our GPS Tracker uses just 2% battery power per day.

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Ready to go

For instant location information, follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click to Register your FREE GridLocate account.
  • Step 2: Download GPS Tracker onto the phones you want to track.
  • Step 3: Add the devices to your account using the Unique ID's.

You can now view their current location and history online, or download Family Locator for Android for on-the-go family location updates.

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