GPS Tracking Device

GPS Tracking Device

Affordable Smartphone and LoRa® GPS Tracking Device solutions, accessible through our centralised tracking platform.

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Track Anything Anywhere

Our GridLocate platform has been successfully tracking people and assets for over 2 years. We’ve tracked over 100,000 devices and handle close to 500k updates a day. Our v2.0 platform now supports our new range of LoRa™ devices providing easy access to IOT data. Our platform is based on a monthly subscription, with pricing starting at just $8 a month for up to 5 devices. If you’re needing a more comprehensive solution, we work with other platforms too! See our GPS Tracking Device list below.

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SmartPhone GPS Trackers

We develop reliable GPS Trackers for iPhone and Android. Installed on family, employee or team phones, the app pings their accurate location to our servers roughly every 15 minutes. The app uses less than 4% battery a day. Because everyone carry’s a phone these days, this is our most affordable GPS tracking device.

GPS Tracker App

LT100 – LoRa® GPS Tracker with Panic Button

The LT100E is a solid robust GPS Tracker device designed for the outdoors. Particularly suited to trekking, construction and remote working. It includes a rugged SOS Panic Button when you need help.

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zTrack: IP68 GPS Trackers

We stock a range of pre-configured LoRa® GPS Tracking solutions. Our zTrack-Mini is IP68 waterproof with a battery-life of up to 4 weeks. We also offer a zTrack-Midi for up to 40 weeks GPS tracking.

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zTag GPS Tracker. Versatile

Our latest addition to our collection of LoRa® GPS Trackers. the zTag is the ideal replacement for your existing Bluetooth trackers. Available for pre-order, the zTag will be shipping in Q1 2018.

zTag GPS Tracker

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.) Choose your trackers

1.) Choose your trackers

Install GPS Trackers Apps on the phones you wish to track, or purchase 1 or more GPS Tracker devices from our shop. Our GPS Tracker devices require a LoRaWAN™ network. If you aren’t within an existing network, we sell gateways starting at just $100.00

2.) Register on GridLocate

2.) Register on GridLocate

Register on our tracking platform using the top-bar “Register” button. It’s FREE to register, and track 2 devices. Subscription plans start at just $8 a month. Cancel at any time.

3.)Track your devices

3.)Track your devices

Using our web based tracking platform, or Android app it’s easy to view the location and status of all your devices in one place. Your world, tracked through ours.

GPS Tracking Platform

Our tracking platform provides a simple reliable platform for tracking all your devices, including location, temperature and other sensors.

GPS Tracking that works

Our GPS Trackers are pre-configured to work with our platform, which means it’s easy to connect our devices and sensors to the platform. New users can be up and running with live-data in around 15 minutes. Our website lacks the complexity of other dashboards meaning it’s easy to operate.

Need a dedicated/bespoke solution?

Looking for a dedicated platform or mobile app for your IoT and GPS Tracking solutions. We can help. Our dedicated in-house team can provide cost-effective solutions for your requirements. We develop Android, iPhone and Web-enabled solutions.


LoRaWAN™ GPS Tracking Solutions

LoRaWAn™ stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It allows a GPS Tracker or IoT sensor to communicate over large distances with minimal battery use. Compared to Bluetooth (30meters) or WiFi (100m), LoRa® provides coverage up to 30km line-of-sight from one gateway. It’s equally good operating in warehouses and factories. LoRa® devices are typically cheaper and have up to 20x longer battery life than GPRS/3G and other Radio-based solutions.


Our LoRa® GPS Trackers are best suited to localised GPS Tracking within a 10km radius. E.g. construction and mining sites, humanitarian responses, mountain rescue, event coordination and school runs.


LoRaWAN™ is being rolled out to major cities across the world thanks to TTN, LORIOT and other providers. If coverage isn’t available in your area, we sell routers starting at just $100


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