GPS Tracker App

Install on your family, employee or team phones to locate them in case of emergency or concern. Our GPS Tracker App is like an emergency beacon, pinging their location every 15 minutes to our central servers.


How does it work?

The GPS Tracker App is part of our GridLocate Tracking solution. You ask your family, employees and team members to install the app on the phones you wish to track. Each device generates a unique ID which can be used on our GridLocate console to locate the devices.

GPS Tracker runs in the background sending regular location updates

Use our Tracking solution to view the device location

View up to 10 days location history

Ping the devices for real-time updates


It makes sense. Why buy separate GPS Trackers, when you can use the GPS built into 97% of phones.


What does the GPS Tracker do?

Available for Android and Apple smartphones, the GPS Tracker is an ‘emergency beacon’ for GPS-enabled mobile devices. Download and install the GPS Tracker to automatically send regular location updates from any compatible mobile phone. Location details can be viewed online by logging in through the GridLocate website, or can be checked on the go using the GridLocate Family Locator. See the phone’s last known location, receive ‘low battery’ alerts and view pinpoints on a zoomable map. The GPS Mobile Tracker records their location 24/7, ready for any emergency.

Is the GPS Tracker a real-time phone tracking app?

Yes and No. You can request real-time location updates at any time, 24/7. But to conserve battery, the GPS Tracker app runs in the background sends regular location updates every 15 minutes, recorded for up to 30 days. We’ve done a lot of research, and we’ve discovered that teenagers think of real-time data as ‘invasive’. Many would feel like someone was spying on them, or watching their every move. People are much more comfortable to have their location recorded every 15 minutes, instead of feeling like every single step is being followed. As an additional benefit, our GPS Tracker app is phone battery friendly. Real-time updates would drain a battery quickly, but on iPhone and Android the GPS Tracker uses just 2% battery power per day.


Family Locator App

Designed for families, our Family Locator app for Android allows you to view the location of your family in-app. Install the “GPS Tracker App” on those devices you want to track, and then view their location on the Family Locator App.

Family Locator App

A few scenarios

It would take forever to list the many ways that our GPS Tracker can help. We’ve narrowed it down to just a few examples:

You’re working late. You can use the GPS Tracker to check that your teenager is safely home from school.

Your son or daughter is on a night out and promised to be back by midnight, but they’re late. Use the GPS Tracker to check that they’re at least on their way.

Your elderly mother has wandered off once before. You’re worried that she’ll do it again. Install GPS Tracker to her phone and you’ll be able to quickly check whether he’s just popped out for some milk, or he’s strolling in the wrong part of town.

There’s a bomb scare somewhere in the city. With the GPS Cell Phone Tracker, see if your partner is anywhere nearby.

You lost your phone sometime between the desk and the dinner table. Did you leave it in the office or is it currently travelling by train? Your GPS Tracker will give you the answer.

Want a physical GPS Tracker. We sell those too….


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.) Choose your trackers

1.) Choose your trackers

Install GPS Trackers Apps on the phones you wish to track, or purchase 1 or more GPS Tracker devices from our shop. Our GPS Tracker devices require a LoRaWAN™ network. If you aren’t within an existing network, we sell gateways starting at just $100.00

2.) Register on GridLocate

2.) Register on GridLocate

Register on our tracking platform using the top-bar “Register” button. It’s FREE to register, and track up to 2 devices. Subscription plans start at just $8 a month. Cancel at any time.

3.)Track everyone

3.)Track everyone

Using our web based tracking platform, or Android app it’s easy to view all your devices and people in one place.

Download our GPS Tracker App Today

GPS Tracker is available for Android and iPhone

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Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email to [email protected] if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

Can I view a location in real-time

With some phones, it’s possible to view real-time locations using our GPS Tracker App, but due to recent phone software updates, a lot of devices now have complex battery savers which disable background apps.  All our solutions are based on regular (e.g. 15 minute) updates that provide a more consistent history of where people are and have been.    If the user is moving, we try to send updates every 2 minutes.

What happens when the device is outside the network?

If you’re using one of our mobile apps, and the user doesn’t have network coverage (e.g. internet), we store the location updates on their phone and then resend when the re-enter a location.   

Our LoRaWAN™ devices only work where there’s network coverage.  That said, you’ll find coverage across a number of cities in the UK, USA and abroad.  We also sell Gateways and aerials providing localised coverage up to 15km (30km on a good day).

Do you charge for the mobile phone GPS Tracker

Our mobile phone GPS Trackers are free to download and install.   Once installed, they ping the users location to a central server every 15 minutes.

You’ll need a subscription plan (see pricing above) to view two or more device locations.   You can cancel the plans at any time.

If I cancel the subscription, what do I do with the devices?

The devices are yours to keep.  We pre-configure them for the TTN and other networks.  If you decide to leave GridLocate, we can provide you with software to reconfigure the devices for other networks.