GPS for Business. Locate and monitor your employees and assets

GPS for Business. Locate and monitor your employees and assets

An easier solution for locating employees in case of emergency, concern or as part of your staff tracking policies.

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Affordable GPS Tracking Solutions

Our combined GPS online platform and GPS Tracker apps for smart phones makes it easy to locate your staff. It’s free to track 2 devices and just $14 a month for 10 devices. With the GPS Tracker App installed on an employee’s mobile phone, you’re just seconds from a handy location update.

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Track Anything Anywhere

We started out with a single vision: a single platform to view the location of our children, elderly parents, pets and assets in one location. Since then, we’ve expanded the platform to support businesses, event organisers and charities wishing to track employees, volunteers and event staff. If we don’t track what you want, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


LT100 – LoRa® GPS Tracker with Panic Button

The LT100E is a solid robust GPS Tracker designed for the outdoors. Particularly suited to trekking, construction and remote working. It includes a rugged SOS Panic Button when you need help.

zTrack: IP68 GPS Trackers

We stock a range of pre-configured LoRa® GPS Tracking solutions. Our zTrack-Mini is IP68 waterproof with a battery-life of +30 days. We also offer a zTrack-Midi with up to 8 months battery.



zTag GPS Tracker. Versatile

Our latest addition to our collection of LoRa® GPS Trackers. the zTag is the ideal replacement for your existing (and somewhat limited) Bluetooth trackers. The zTag is due for launch Q1 2018. See our launch page at /ztag-gps-tracker

SmartPhone GPS Trackers

We developed reliable GPS Trackers for iPhone and Android. Installed on family, employee or team phones, the app pings their accurate location to our servers roughly every 15 minutes. The app uses less than 4% battery a day, and provides peace of mind to those who are concerned.


GPS Tracker for Android and iPhone

Download our Android and iPhone apps today, to keep track of your workers in emergencies. The tracker apps send location updates to our servers every 15 minutes. Use our GPS Tracker online solution to:

Works on any mobile

Designed to work on any mobile. Why pay for separate GPS Trackers, when you can the use GPS built into 97% of phones

Peace of mind

The app pings the persons location to our central servers every 15 minutes. Security, without the stalking


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.) Choose your trackers

1.) Choose your trackers

Install GPS Trackers Apps on the phones you wish to track, or purchase 1 or more GPS Tracker devices from our shop. Our GPS Tracker devices require a LoRaWAN™ network. If you aren’t within an existing network, we sell gateways starting at just $300.

2.) Register on GridLocate

2.) Register on GridLocate

Register on our tracking platform using the top-bar “Register” button. It’s FREE to register, and track 2 devices. Subscription plans start at just $8 a month. Cancel at any time.

3.)Track your team

3.)Track your team

Using our web based tracking platform, or Android app it’s easy to view all your team members in one place.

Want a physical GPS Tracker. Well sell those too..


Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email to [email protected] if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

Can I view a location in real-time

To conserve battery, and adhere to LoRaWAN™ protocols, our devices send updates every 2 minutes when moving, and less frequently when stationary.   

With our GPS Tracker it’s possible to ping for real-time updates from our website console and family-locator app.

What happens when the device is outside the network?
Do you charge for the mobile phone GPS Tracker

No.  Our mobile phone GPS Trackers are free to download and install.   Once installed, they ping the users location to a central server every 15 minutes.

You’ll need a subscription plan (see pricing above) to view three or more device locations.   You can cancel the plans at any time.

If I cancel the subscription, what do I do with the devices?

The devices are yours to keep.  We pre-configure them for the TTN and other networks.  If you decide to leave GridLocate, we can provide you with software to reconfigure the devices for other networks.

Do I need to buy a gateway for LoRa® devices?

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GridLocate works as a distributed team. We have teams based in the UK and India. Our manufacturing team are in the EU, and we have IoT partners across the world