GPS Tracking for Business

Locate and monitor your employees and assets

An easier solution for locating employees in case of emergency, concern
or as part of your staff tracking policies.

Affordable GPS Tracking solutions

Our combined GPS online platform and GPS Tracker apps for smart phones makes it easy to locate your staff.
It's free to track up to 5 devices and just $10 a month for 10 devices. With the GPS Tracker App installed on an employee's mobile phone, you're just seconds from a handy location update.

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GPS Tracker for Android and iPhone.

Download our Android and iPhone apps today, to keep track of your workers in emergencies. The tracker apps send location updates to our servers every 15 minutes. Use our GPS Tracker online solution to:

  • location_on Check that your employees are working in the area that you expect them to be.
  • location_on Find employee locations quickly if there’s ever a security alert
  • location_on See which of your workers is in a certain area, if there’s somewhere that you need someone to be.
  • location_on Track every person that works for you, from just $10.00 for 10 devices.
  • location_on View your company assets online 24/7.
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What are the benefits of the GridLocate GPS Online platform?

Get location updates whenever you need them, without watching an employee’s every move. Divert people to more urgent jobs if they’re working nearby, or immediately check that employees are safe if there’s ever any reason for concern.

  • location_on Available 24/7, so you can track your workers at any time of the day or night.
  • location_on A non-intrusive option, providing new location data every 15 minutes, with optional real-time updates for live tracking.
  • location_on Peace of mind for managers and business owners. There whenever you need it.
  • location_on A solution that can be easily installed on any employee’s company phone (or their personal phone with permission) for under $5 per device
GPS for business online

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Ready to go? No credit-card required:

Try out our system, tracking up to 5 devices for free.
  • Step 1: Click to Register your FREE GridLocate account.
  • Step 2: Download Beacon GPS Tracker onto the phones you want to track.
  • Step 3: Add the devices to your account using the Unique ID's.

You can view their current location and history online.

NEW: Beacon GPS Tracker for Android

Beacon GPS Tracker

Beacon GPS Tracker for Android is a dedicated GPS location tracker app designed with companies and businesses in mind.

Beacon GPS Tracker provides additional functionality requested by our business customers. During installation, it incorporates phone number verification as a more secure registration method, and it allows users to self-register for your groups making it easier to connect devices.

It’s safe and secure, with only the features you need. Don’t waste your time browsing through options that you’ll never want to use. The GridLocate Beacon GPS Tracker App is fast, dependable and reliable - it works all the time, without complicated 'extra' features.

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