GPS Beacon

A simple GPS tracking app for being found in an emergency

No hardware. Use you mobile phone for safety and security

In the event that you go missing or need help, GridLocate GPS Beacon solutions provides emergency services and trusted friends with accurate information on your location, including location history.

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GPS Tracker Easy to install
Easy to install

Download the app, give the device a name, and opt-in to share your location with emergency services. It's as easy as that.

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In case of emergency

Friends can view your location online using your unique device ID and PIN. Emergency services can request your location history using your phone's unique IMEI number .

GPS Tracker Less battery exhaust
Accurate updates without draining your battery

Beacon pings your accurate location every 15 minutes, and uses just 2% of your battery per day.

GPS Locator Anywhere
Works in any country

Beacon works in any country, in any location with a mobile phone signal. In areas with intermittent coverage, the app continues to record your location and sends it at the earliest opportunity.

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For hill-runners, cyclists and lone-workers

Our phone tracker Beacon provides a simple way to share your location history in case of emergency or concern.

The app runs in the background, sending your accurate location every 15 minutes to our secure servers. Should the worst happen, emergency services can make a formal online request to GridLocate for your accurate location and location history, helping them find you faster.

Accurate, Always on

Our GPS Tracker apps deliver accurate locations using only GPS and WIFI signals, thereby avoiding the issues of inaccurate mast triangulation. Our location updates are accurate to within meters.

To conserve battery life, we only check for location updates every 15 minutes.

GPS Online GPS Tracker
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Easy to use

GridLocate Beacon is installed in seconds. Simply download the app, give the device a name, and choose a 4 digit security PIN. Easy!

It runs in the background, 24/7. It uses less than 2% battery per day, and less than 1Mb of data per month. If you're temporarily outside of a network signal, it remembers previous locations and uploads them at the next opportunity.

If you'd like others to view your location, simply share your unique device-id and PIN number with others.


Its easy to locate individuals using GridLocate's website. Clear concise Google Maps showing the person's last known location, and up to 6 hours of location history. View how long they've been at an address, and the accuracy of the location update.

GridLocate doesn't present false data or guesses. If we don't have an accurate location, we'll tell you.

GPS Tracker on Google Play

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