GPS Family Tracking. Your world, tracked through ours.

A single platform for all your family tracking requirements. GPS Trackers for kids, seniors, pets and assets. Temperature, security and flood-alert devices for your home. All tracked through one console.


One system, for all your family

With a selection of GPS tracking apps and devices, and intelligent home sensors, it’s easy to track your world through ours. Our platform help you locate family and pets and monitor the safety and security of your properties through one portal.

Smartphone GPS

Track people through their mobile phones using our iPhone and Android GPS Tracker apps.

GPS Devices

We sell a range of GPS Trackers designed for pets, keys and assets. Great for locating those who don’t have a mobile phone.

Smart Home

We stock a range of sensors for detecting movement, temperature and door/gate opening in your home

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It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

1.) Choose your app and devices

1.) Choose your app and devices

Install GPS Trackers Apps on the phones you wish to track and/or purchase our GPS Trackers for pets and keys. If you’re looking for home sensors, you’ll find these in our shop too.

2.) Register on GridLocate

2.) Register on GridLocate

Register for FREE on our GridLocate Console, and add the unique ID’s of the GridLocate devices you wish to track or monitor.

3.)Track your world

3.)Track your world

Using our web based tracking platform, or Android app it’s easy to view all your family locations and devices in one place. View up to 10 days history.

Smartphone GPS Trackers

You can find our mobile phone GPS tracker apps in the Apple and Android store. Our “GPS Tracker” apps are designed as beacons, pinging the user’s location to our central servers roughly every 15 minutes. Security not stalking.

GPS Tracker App

GPS Trackers and Sensors

We sell a range of GPS Trackers designed for people and pets. We also sell a range of sensors including temperature, door sensors and PIR detectors. You can now track your family, your greenhouse temperature and outbuilding security all from one place. Visit our shop for more information

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GPS Tracking Platform: Track Anything, Anywhere

Goodbye to the 4 apps you use to locate your kids, your pet, your bluetooth TrakR enabled keys and other apps. We’ve pulled all the information into one place. An easy to use platform for managing and locating your loved ones. The platform runs on any web-enabled device. An Android version is coming out soon.

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IoT Tracking Platform

Pricing Plans

Our GPS Trackers mobile apps (FREE) and GPS devices (see SHOP for pricing) connect to our GPS Tracker Platform. We offer a simple pricing structure:



Add two devices
View device locations online



$ 8 /mo

Add and track up to 5 devices
View their location online, or in-app
Access to 10 days location history
Cancel at any time.



$ 14 /mo

Add and track up to 20 devices
View their location online, or in-app
Access to 10 days location history
Cancel at any time.



$ 80 /mo

Add and track up to 50 devices
View their location online, or in-app
Access to 10 days location history
Cancel at any time.

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Happy customers

We have thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s some of the reviews.

The Family Locator is a really useful app. I installed it to keep track of my son when he’s out and about, and I’m impressed with the accuracy of the data.

Simon Swords
Simon Swords

This is great for locating my husband! I installed the GPS Tracker on my kids’ phones, but also asked my husband to install it on his. Now, I can see where my family members are, with only slight inaccuracies when they’re travelling by train.

Annamaria Kasa
Annamaria Kasa

A reassuring way to locate family. I installed the GPS Tracker mobile phone app on iPhone and Android devices, and I can locate family online. It was easy to install, too.

Leigh Hoare
Leigh Hoare

It’s a great app! Easy to install and use. Does exactly what I need!

Rachael Rogan
Rachael Rogan

Our Devices use the LoRaWAN network.

LoRaWAN™ stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It allows a GPS Tracker or IoT sensor to communicate over large distances with minimal battery use. Compared to Bluetooth (30meters) or WiFi (100m), LoRa® provides coverage up to 15km from one gateway. It’s great for those in live in Rural areas walking their dogs, but equally at home in cities where coverage can still extend several kilometres.


LoRaWAN™ is being rolled out to major cities across the world thanks to TTN, LORIOT and other providers. If coverage isn’t available in your area, we sell family routers starting at just $100.00

Battery Life

Our temperature sensors last 2 years on one set of batteries. Our GPS Trackers can be charged via USB, and last up to 14 days on one charge.


Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email to [email protected] if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

Can I view a location in real-time

With some phones, it’s possible to view real-time locations using our GPS Tracker App, but due to recent phone software updates, a lot of devices now have complex battery savers which disable background apps.  All our solutions are based on regular (e.g. 15 minute) updates that provide a more consistent history of where people are and have been.    If the user is moving, we try to send updates every 2 minutes.

What happens when the device is outside the network?
Do you charge for the mobile phone GPS Tracker

No.  Our mobile phone GPS Trackers are free to download and install.   Once installed, they ping the users location to a central server every 15 minutes.

You’ll need a subscription plan (see pricing above) to view two or more device locations.   You can cancel the plans at any time.

If I cancel the subscription, what do I do with the devices?

The devices are yours to keep.  We pre-configure them for the TTN and other networks.  If you decide to leave GridLocate, we can provide you with software to reconfigure the devices for other networks.

Do I need to buy a gateway for LoRa® devices

By 2020 they predict over 10 billion IoT devices worldwide.  To achieve this, a number of companies are deploying LoRaWAN networks across cities and rural areas.   If you’re within one of these areas, you will NOT need a gateway.  For everyone else, yes you’ll need a LoRa® gateway.  Prices start at $100.00

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