Family Locator App

A reliable Family Locator app for parents. First install our “GPS Tracker” app on your kids/senior’s phones, and then use Family Locator to view their device locations accurately, any-time, anywhere.

Family Locator App

A Family Locator that gives you peace of mind

The first Family Locator built by family, for family. Designed for parents that want a reliable way to locate their family in case of emergency or concern.

GPS Tracker

At the heart of our solution is a reliable GPS Tracking solution using your phone’s GPS. Know where your family are, with confidence.


The most cost-effective GPS Trackers is the one built into 97% of phones. No other hardware required. Track your family using the phones they already own.

Battery Efficient

We designed our app to ping locations every 15 minutes, and roughly 2 minutes when people are moving, meaning we use less than 4% of your battery life.

All your family in one place

GridLocate Family Locator is the central console for all your family. We’re adding hardware GPS Tracking devices to our platform, meaning you can track your pets and valuables too.

Child and Senior friendly

Our GPS Tracking Apps run in the background on your family phones. Install, add to your account and you’re done. Easy!!

10 days History

With 10 days history you’ll always know where they are, and where they’ve been If their battery dies, you’ll still know which direction they were heading before the battery died.

How does it work?

Family Locator provides a convenient way to locate family members who have our “GPS Tracker App” installed on their phones.

Install GPS Tracker App on the phones you wish to track

Install Family Locator on your phone and add their devices

Track their location history and request real-time updates

Part of our GridLocate Tracking Solution

How does it work?

GridLocate – Family Location Made Easy


Trusted GPS Tracking Solutions






Locations Tracked

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Family Locator app is only available for Android

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Download Family Locator TODAY

Happy customers

We have thousands of satisfied customers. Here’s some of the reviews.

The Family Locator is a really useful app. I installed it to keep track of my son when he’s out and about, and I’m impressed with the accuracy of the data.

Simon Swords
Simon Swords

This is great for locating my husband! I installed the GPS Tracker on my kids’ phones, but also asked my husband to install it on his. Now, I can see where my family members are, with only slight inaccuracies when they’re travelling by train.

Annamaria Kasa
Annamaria Kasa

A reassuring way to locate family. I installed the GPS Tracker mobile phone app on iPhone and Android devices, and I can locate family online. It was easy to install, too.

Leigh Hoare
Leigh Hoare

It’s a great app! Easy to install and use. Does exactly what I need!

Rachael Rogan
Rachael Rogan

Frequently Asked Questions

Send an email to [email protected] if you can't find an answer to your question here.

Can I view a location in real-time

Our Family Locator App and web site allows you to ping phones for a real-time location, but due to recent phone software updates, a lot of devices now have complex battery savers which disable background apps.  All our solutions are based on regular (e.g. 15 minute) updates that provide a more consistent history of where people are and have been.  Real-time updates works for 80% of devices.

What happens when the device is outside the network?

If you’re using one of our mobile apps, and the user doesn’t have network coverage (e.g. internet), we store the location updates on their phone and then resend when the re-enter a location.   

Our LoRa® devices only work where there’s LoRaWAN network coverage.  That said, you’ll find coverage across a number of cities in the UK, USA and abroad.  We also sell Gateways and aerials providing localised coverage up to 15km (30km on a good day).

Do you charge for the Family Locator

Our Family Locator and GPS Trackers are free to download and install.   It’s free to setup and track up to 2 devices.

You’ll need a subscription plan to add additional devices.  You can cancel the plans at any time.

Which platfrom is Family Locator available on

Currently Android, but an updated version is in development for Android and the IoS platform.