Big Freeze - Snow
Big Freeze – Snow

Big Freeze: How to prepare your family

UK weather reports are talking about a ‘long and snowy winter’ due for 2016. The Telegraph has warned that we’re awaiting the arrival of the next ‘Big Freeze’. The last winter to be given the Big Freeze title was the winter of 2009/2010 when temperatures in parts of the UK dropped to below -20°C, with 19 inches of snow for cars (and humans!) to contend with.

If you’re interested in the science, the expected snow is being attributed to the El Nino weather phenomenon. For most, the cause is not as important as the effect.

The Effects of the Big Freeze

Heavy snowfall can lead to a variety of problems, including:

  • Severe traffic and stuck vehicles
  • Elderly people becoming isolated, trapped in their homes
  • Public transport delays and cancellations
  • Road accidents
  • Slips, trips and falls
  • People becoming stranded

If you’re concerned about the location of a family member that might be stuck in a snowdrift, or if you’re travelling and know that a loved one might be concerned about you, then it’s important to be prepared before it’s too late to act. Download a GPS Tracker mobile phone application, for complete peace of mind.

Locate family in case of emergency

Create a free account at   It allows you to locate your families mobile phones in case of emergency or concern.  You’ll be asked to download the GPS Tracker app onto the phones you want to install.  It’s quick and easy to install and doesn’t ask for any personal information.  The application sends their accurate location updates to the secure server every 15 minutes.

GridLocate GPS Tracker
In the event of concern, you can quickly and easily check on your child, partner or elderly parent in inclement weather.  Data is recorded for up to three days, so you’ll see not just your loved one’s current whereabouts but also where they’ve been and which direction they’ve been travelling in.

GridLocate software works on any mobile network, anywhere in the world, providing real-time data that is accurate to within 23 metres. Even deep snow can’t stop it!

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