Family Tracking Apps

GridLocate Pleased to Announce Two New Family Tracking Apps

UK-based startup GridLocate is pleased to announce the launch of two new smartphone apps, which will offer reassurance and peace of mind in particular to parents.

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Big Freeze - Snow

How to Prepare Your Family for the Big Freeze

UK weather reports are talking of a ‘long and snowy winter’ due for 2016. The Telegraph has warned that we’re awaiting the arrival of the next ‘Big Freeze’. The last winter to be given the Big Freeze title was the winter of 2009/2010, when temperatures in parts of the UK dropped to below -20°C, with 19 inches of snow for cars (and humans!) to contend with.

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GPS Tracker

If You Read One Article About Gpstrackers Read this One

Frustrated with the current GPS Tracking solutions out there?  Given up, because it says your daughter is 2km away when she’s right next to you, and worse, says she’s right next to you when she’s actually 2km away.  Fed up with the constant email and spamming every time your son leaves home, arrives at school, leaves school, goes home, leaves home, arrives the shops..  Yeah.. us too.

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Bespoke IOT Solutions

The #startup secret to launching bug-free apps, is DON’T

Launching your first MVP, Android app or website is a defining moment for #entrepreneurs and #startups.   You’ve been working on it for several weeks or months, and the last thing you want to do is screw it up by releasing dodgy bug-ridden code.  You want your app launch to be beautiful, and that users will be bowled over by your slick, cool, bug-free code.

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Family Locator App

GPS Tracker App – Accurate location tracking for families

GPS Tracker is an accurate location tracking app for Android phones, that helps parents locate children and partners in case of emergency or concern.   We believe GPS Tracker offers the highest accuracy when locating people via their mobile phone.

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