Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Galaxy

New Samsung Galaxy?  Don’t lose it

You shook the Samsung Galaxy box, didn’t you?

You couldn’t help yourself. That brightly-coloured wrapping paper was just so tempting!

Luckily, those smartphones are a little more durable than some people would have you believe. It coped well not just when you shook the box, but also when the family puppy found it.

And now it’s in your hands. A brand new Samsung Galaxy, all ready to be loaded with your favourite App Store downloads. You can sit down, phone in hand, and install everything from Skype to Angry Birds.

What if you lose your Samsung Galaxy?

Losing your Samsung Galaxy. There’s a prospect that will no doubt be completely out of your mind as you snack on leftover turkey.

If you’re lucky, the possibility might creep into your head just as you’re drifting off to sleep. Then, you’ll spend far too long thinking about a dozen different scenarios.

Would someone find it and post a message online, sharing it far and wide on social media? Would they be able to guess your PIN and hack in, then give your partner a quick call? Would it get handed into the Customer Services desk at your local supermarket, so that you get your own personal announcement over the loudspeaker? What if you leave it on the train and it’s travelling to the other side of the country at 65 mph?

If you’re unlucky, you won’t even consider these scenarios until one of them actually happens. After all, you wouldn’t lose your brand new phone…would you?

“This could only happen to me!”

That’s where you’re wrong. In fact, statistics show that a mobile phone is lost or stolen roughly every 10 seconds. It pays to assume that it’s definitely going to happen, and then you’ll be fully prepared if it does (and you can feel a little bit smug about your over-preparation if it doesn’t).

The GridLocate GPS Tracker is a particularly handy tool for tracking down a lost smartphone. Of course, it needs to be installed before the unthinkable happens, which is why you should add it to your list of essential app downloads.

How does the GridLocate GPS Tracker help?

Uploading your phone’s location data every 15 minutes, the GPS Tracker by GridLocate will keep you in the loop. Hopefully, your phone will stay in one place and wait for you to find it, but if it happens to be moving then regular location updates will map the direction of travel.

If you have left your phone on the train then you’ll be able to watch as it makes a cross-country journey without you, so that you can call the train operator with confidence. If your phone has been stolen, you’ll be able to find its new home to an accuracy of within 8 metres. Meanwhile, if you’ve flown abroad and left your mobile phone in the front of your car at the airport, you’ll be able to sign into your GridLocate account to make sure that it’s still there.

We can’t stop you from dropping your iPhone at the pub…

…but with the GridLocate GPS Tracker, you’ll at least know where it is when you wake the next morning with no phone and a rather fuzzy memory.

Download the GPS Tracker today from the App Store, and rest easy this holiday season.

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