Halloween Safety – GPS Trackers

You’ll feel proud when you see your kid all dressed up in their Halloween costume ready for Trick or Treating. Last year you were leading your little zombie around the block, now they’re going it alone with their friends. It’s exciting for them, but all parents worry when their kids are out alone after dark.

How can you ensure your kid’s safety when you’re at home and they’re wandering the neighbourhood? Forward planning is important, as well as investment in a few pieces of safety equipment that won’t embarrass your child in front of their friends.

Make them visible…

Halloween Safety - GPS Trackers
Halloween Safety – GPS Trackers

You need to know that your kid will be seen by cars and other people. Don’t cover them with reflective tape, or their friends are going to laugh. Glow sticks are cool and so are light-up jack-o-lanterns, so give them something fun to carry instead of something embarrassing.

Don’t dress your kid in an all-black Halloween costume. You might have seen the photo online of kids dressed up as ‘shadows’, with an all-over black Morphsuit and layered black clothing. It looks great but is also a recipe for disaster. Keep the dark costumes for inside the house, and do something to increase visibility when your child is out Trick or Treating.

Make the rules…

You’re in charge. Only let your kid out to trick and treat this Halloween if they can be trusted not to break your rules. Don’t give them a list of 100 things to remember, but focus on a few key things like:

  • Don’t go into anyone’s house, even if they ask you to.
  • Don’t eat the candy until you’ve brought it home, just in case it’s not something that’s safe to consume.
  • Don’t get involved in throwing eggs or toilet paper.
  • Stay with a group of people that you know.

Trick or Treating is supposed to be fun, so don’t ruin it with silly rules like “call me every 15 minutes”. If you want regular updates to show you where your child is and what direction they’re travelling in, then a GPS Tracker app is a much better way to do it. Install the app to your kid’s phone and get regular updates without ruining their night, and make sure that worrying doesn’t ruin yours.

Make it fun…

Your kid will appreciate your trust, helped along by those little things that you’ve added to the mix to give yourself peace of mind. Be enthusiastic and don’t pass any anxiety on. Show them that you’re excited about the fun they’re going to have and be there when they get home to check their candy and to maybe steal a Tootsie Roll or two.

Even when the candy has been finished and the sugar rush has faded from memory, keep the GPS Tracker installed for year-round peace of mind. When the ghosts and ghouls have gone, you can keep your own nightmares at bay with your kid’s location being just a click away.

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