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It’s the 1st September and we’re excited to be releasing our next GridLocate GPS Tracker service.

Family Locator App
Family Locator App

GPS Tracker is an accurate location tracking app for Android phones, that helps parents locate children and partners in case of emergency or concern.   We believe GPS Tracker offers the highest accuracy when locating people via their mobile phone.

We’ve focused on 3 core principles:  Simple, reliable, accurate.  There’s no complicated setup, no registration, and our app doesn’t scan your contact address book or send out unauthorised SMS texts.   It’s simple to install, easy to use, and most importantly reliable.

As one parent put it: “Don’t tell me my daughter’s location is here, when she’s 2 km away, or tell me she’s 2km away when she’s standing right next to me”.  We prioritize GPS and WIFI signals to gain an accurate location, avoiding the use of phone tower triangulation which can be less accurate.

GPS Tracker is now available for Android via the Google Play store:

Our GPS Tracker is simple to Use

Keeping tabs on a loved one shouldn’t be unnecessarily difficult.  We’ve designed our tracking app so that it installs quickly.  There’s no configuration and it doesn’t ask for personal information.  

The mobile app, and the website tracker are intuitive and user-friendly. The design is simple, and there’s no complicated menus.  It hasn’t been loaded with features that you’d never end up using.

Our GPS Tracker is Accurate

A big problem with some GPS Tracker’s is the accuracy.  You don’t want an app that tells you your daughter is next to you when she’s 2 km’s away, or tell you that your daughter is 2 km’s away when she’s standing right next to you.

Our family locator app is among the most accurate GPS trackers in the market.   Using a combination of GPS signals and WiFi data, our algorithms calculate the best accuracy.  Our app is accurate to within 23 metres, which means that you’ll never be wandering aimlessly around a field in search of a family member. If your loved one is browsing the shelves in your local supermarket, the GPS tracker won’t tell you that their phone is in a river half a mile away!

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