Family Tracking Apps
Family Tracking Apps

The Family Locator and GPS Tracker Will Keep Your Loved Ones in Sight

UK-based startup GridLocate is pleased to announce the launch of two new smartphone apps, which will offer reassurance and peace of mind in particular to parents.

Available ‘on any network, in any country’, the first of these new GridLocate applications in the GPS Tracker, which GridLocate describes as ‘safety, not spying’.

The GPS Tracker app is easily downloaded using your chosen phone’s main application store – the App Store on iPhone or the Play Store on Android. The download is free and the smartphone app is secure and easy to use.

Parents can download the GPS Tracker to their son or daughter’s mobile phone, signing up for a GridLocate account to access data from their PC or laptop. You’ll be able to check your child’s location at any time, with the history going back for up to six days (great for checking the direction of travel).

GridLocate also offers the Family Locator app, to accompany the GPS Tracker. If you’re out and about or primarily a smartphone or tablet user, the Family Locator provides on-the-go access to the GPS Tracker’s location data. This works as a reliable and official alternative to using your web browser and is particularly useful when you’re away from home.

The statistics and technical details are very impressive, too. GridLocate offers an easy sign-up process and data that are accurate to within 22 metres thanks to blended GPS and WiFi technology (also used by many of the most popular mobile satellite navigation apps). In addition, for those on tightly constrained mobile contracts, the GPS Tracker uses less than 1Mb of data per month. Worries about power-hungry mobile apps will also be quashed by the news that the GPS Tracker uses less than 2% of a battery’s charge each day.

More and more people are looking for safe and secure ways to keep an eye on family members. Parents can make use of our Family Tracking Apps to locate their son or daughter if they’re late home from a night out, if there’s a storm affecting travel or if there are reports of security alerts, but the application should be equally as valuable for those keeping an eye on elderly relatives.

Could the GridLocate GPS Tracker and Family Locator combo also be a way to keep an eye on your partner? With their consent, of course!

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