Sharing your location

Sharing your location could save your life

We live in the age of social media. Facebook and Twitter have their benefits, but with them come concerns.  How do you keep the private parts of your life genuinely private, and what constitutes an invasion of your privacy?

When does complete privacy matter, and how many of us would give out some personal information if it gave us additional protection?

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Family Tracking Apps

GridLocate Pleased to Announce Two New Family Tracking Apps

UK-based startup GridLocate is pleased to announce the launch of two new smartphone apps, which will offer reassurance and peace of mind in particular to parents.

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Family Locator App

GPS Tracker App – Accurate location tracking for families

GPS Tracker is an accurate location tracking app for Android phones, that helps parents locate children and partners in case of emergency or concern.   We believe GPS Tracker offers the highest accuracy when locating people via their mobile phone.

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