Caring for the elderly and Seniors

Caring for the elderly
Caring for the elderly

Are you a member of the Sandwich Generation, spreading your time between your own children and caring for the elderly relatives? It’s exhausting, emotionally and physically.

Your day might start with the school run, followed by a shopping trip to buy some groceries for an elderly parent. You might need to drive a relative to their latest hospital appointment, then pick your son or daughter up at the end of the school day. Then, there will be after school clubs and evening meals to find time for.

Even when you’re enjoying a rare moment of peace and quiet, you’re going to be worrying in case someone’s not safe and well.

Fortunately, mobile phone apps are helping to improve the quality of life of elderly people and their families and carers. One such application is the GPS Tracker app, which you can install straight onto an elderly relative’s mobile phone.

Why Use the GPS Tracker?

Accurate to within 23 metres, the GPS Tracker mobile app will keep an eye on someone’s location. It sends their accurate location every 15 minutes to a secure server, that only you have access to.  In the event that you can’t get hold of those you care for, you can log in via any web-enabled device and view their location and location history.

The GPS Tracker is non-invasive; it isn’t following someone’s every move but will provide the essential information that you require to keep a protective eye on a loved one.

Caring for Elderly relatives. Did You Know?

Elderly people are prone to a wide range of conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, that can affect their memory. They can struggle with confusion and forgetfulness, making them more likely to become lost or to wander away from home. For their loved ones, this is a very frightening possibility.

People with Alzheimer’s can be particularly hard to find, because they stray to unusual locations whilst lost, vulnerable and confused. Installing a GPS tracker takes just a few minutes, but can significantly reduce the amount of time that it takes to find a wandering relative.

Alzheimer’s isn’t the only condition that can affect elderly people. Many carers find themselves worried that an older relative will have tripped or fallen, become lost and confused or have been rushed into hospital with no next of kin details immediately to hand.

Through the use of a GPS Tracker, installed onto any mobile phone, you can see regular location updates for reassurance and for use in emergencies

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