Android GPS Tracker
Android GPS Tracker

Android GPS Tracker – Safety for your family

Any daughter would love to receive an Android as a gift, and you’ve just made it happen! No doubt you saw an excited expression as she unwrapped her new gadget? Hopefully, you also caught it on camera. This is one gift that she won’t be forgetting anytime soon!

Whilst your daughter gets to grips with her brand new gadget, the practicalities will have to be your job.

Remember those promises?

It’ll be great for emergencies. If you need me, you’ll always be able to get hold of me.”

“I’ll look after it!”

“If I’m going out, I’ll use it to send you a text every hour to let you know where I am”.

You might recall those claims, but she’s probably forgotten them by now.

Downloading the GridLocate GPS Tracker is the easiest way to help your daughter to stick to her promises.

What is the Android GPS Tracker?

The GPS Tracker is free to download and very easy to use.

Install it via the App Store, sign up for a GridLocate account and watch the magic happen.

Now, your daughter’s phone will send its location to a secure server every 15 minutes. You can login, see where the Android is and look back over where it’s been. Couple the GridLocate GPS Tracker with the Family Locator on your own Apple or Android smartphone, for on-the-go access to GPS Tracker data.

Why should your daughter agree to download the GPS Tracker?

If you’re going to convince your daughter to install the GPS Tracker on her Android, then you’ll need to be prepared with the details. The facts will be more effective than an “I bought it, so I decide what you do with it” approach.

Here are just a few of the many reasons that she’ll love having this app on her side:

Reassurance in an Emergency

If there’s ever an emergency, you’ll be able to track your daughter and her Android. Even if she doesn’t have an opportunity to call, or if she’s not answering when you call her, you can use the Family Locator to see where she is. Historic data also allows you to determine which direction she’s likely to be travelling in.

A Better Night Out

If your daughter is out at a party, she won’t need to send hourly texts. If you want to know where she is, you’ll be able to check on your own. She won’t need to be clock-watching, which means that she’s free to enjoy her night.  

As an additional benefit, your daughter can relax knowing that with on-demand access to her location data, you’re probably not even paying attention. If she were to send a text every hour then you’d be constantly aware of where she was spending her time, but with the GPS Tracker, you’re likely only to check if you’re feeling particularly concerned.

No More “Where Did You See It Last?”

Since the GPS Tracker is sending the Android’s location data, it’s your daughter’s best tool in the event that her Android is lost or stolen. She can quickly check if she’s left it at the park, if it’s stuck in her locker at school or if it’s been dropped on the bus and has made its way back to the depot.

If the Android has been stolen, you’re able to see where it’s been taken to – accurate to within 22 metres.

How can a tracking device be ‘Trusted by Teenagers’?

Teenagers are very aware of what constitutes an ‘invasion of privacy’, but GridLocate research has shown that teens that refuse to be tracked in real-time are happy to be tracked at 15-minute intervals. It feels less invasive. It’s safety, not spying.

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