2016 GPS Tracker by GridLocate: The Tracker That You’ve Been Waiting For

2016 GPS Tracker
2016 GPS Tracker

GridLocate is proud to announce the launch of GPS Tracker, ready to be downloaded right now using Google Play.

Once you’ve installed our innovative family tracking app, you can immediately work to improve the safety and security of the people that you love.

Our GPS Tracker is simple to Use

Keeping tabs on a loved one shouldn’t be unnecessarily difficult.  We’ve designed our tracking app so that it install quickly.  There’s no configuration and it doesn’t ask for personal information.  

The GPS Tracker mobile app, and the website tracker, are intuitive and user friendly. The design is simple, and there’s no complicated menus.  It hasn’t been loaded with features that you’d never end up using.

Our GPS Tracker is Accurate

A big problem with some GPS Tracker’s is the accuracy.  You don’t want an app that tells you your daughter is next to you when she’s 2 km’s away, or tell you that your daughter is 2 km’s away when she’s standing right next to you.

Our family locator app is among the most accurate GPS trackers in the market.   Using a combination of GPS signals and WiFi data, our algorithims calculate the best accuracy.  GPS Tracker is accurate to within 23 metres, which means that you’ll never be wandering aimlessly around a field in search of a family member. If your loved one is browsing the shelves in your local supermarket, the GPS tracker won’t tell you that their phone is in a river half a mile away!

Our GPS Tracker is Reliable.

You don’t need to worry about the excessive data transfer (or the lack of privacy) of real-time updates.  Instead, our app sends accurate updates every 15 minutes to our secure server.  This gives you a more reliable and accurate location

Using any web-enabled device you can view the last know location and location history of your friends and family.  In the event that a mobile phone is switched off, or the battery has died, you’ll still have access to historical data that shows the most recent location and likely direction of travel.

You can see the last recorded location in seconds. You can look back over three days of history. You can zoom in and out to discover more about the local area, which is handy if you’re providing directions to the person that you’re tracking. You can even see the phone’s current battery level (and the phone type) on the tracking screen.

Peace of mind, for less than the price of a coffee

Once you’ve installed the GPS Tracker, it’s free to use. If you’re tracking 3 or more devices, it costs just $29.99 a year. That’s 50% less than some of the other tracking apps that are available to download.   Our app works on any network in any country.

Safety, not spying

The 2016 GPS Tracker by GridLocate is your friend and not your enemy. We don’t ask for your personal information or access to your address book when you install the app, so you can be assured we won’t spam you or put your privacy at risk. There are no complicated configuration menus, with hidden small-print paragraphs that ask you to sign away your soul.

For locating the family at a fantastic price, with the best accuracy and reliability as well as a simple and intuitive interface, isn’t it time for you to download the new GPS Tracker by GridLocate?


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