Affordable – LoRaWAN IoT Prototypes

I’m particularly interested in any conversations around LoRaWAN IoT Prototyping because my previous view is that there’s no middle-ground for companies wanting to build IoT

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LoRaWAN 20km Range Test

LoRaWAN stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. We proved it. A simple real-world test to see if our zTrack works up to 20km from our £300 gateways.

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LoRa Geolocation

LoRa® Geolocation is a new way to locate devices in rural and urban areas based on the LoRa platform.  The traditional way to track a device location (moving or static) is to install a GPS sensor within the device.  This is a common solution for 3G/4G GPRS trackers.  However, for LPWAN solutions, GPS isn’t a good fit.  LPWAN solutions by design are low-power, and long battery life (up to 10 years).  However, GPS sensors are power-hungry and can reduce the battery life of an LPWAN sensor by a factor or 40-50. 

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LoRaWAN Temperature Sensors

Here at GridLocate Ltd, we get a lot of inquiries regarding LoRaWAN Temperature Sensors.  We’ve just completed some tests on their temp performance…. here are the results.

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LoRaWAN vibration sensor

A quick video demonstration of our LoRaWAN vibration sensors operating on different equipment.   Ideally suited as a way to monitor legacy machinery, we can provide sensors, networks, API’s and applications to help monitor your equipment.

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GPS Trackers in case of emergency

We live in the age of social media. Facebook and Twitter have their benefits, but with them come concerns. How do you keep the private parts of your life genuinely private, and what constitutes an invasion of your privacy? Are GPS Trackers safe?

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Halloween Safety - GPS Trackers

Halloween Safety – GPS Trackers

You’ll feel proud when you see your kid all dressed up in their Halloween costume ready for Trick or Treating. Last year you were leading your little zombie around the block, now they’re going it alone with their friends. It’s exciting for them, but all parents worry when their kids are out alone after dark.

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GPSTracker Map Pin

How a Map Pin Could Save Your Life

When there are no road signs for miles around, when you’re short on time or when you can’t work out how to provide directions to your current location, a GPS Tracker could provide the emergency services with just enough information. They’ll receive exactly what they need in order to find you – no more, no less.

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Blog - Mobile Phone Car Accident image

Why having a mobile phone won’t help you in an emergency.

“Despite the majority of us having GPS enabled smartphones, less than 1 in 20 people have a reliable way to locate their loved ones in case of emergency or concern. We still rely on SMS or phone calls to locate people, and this isn’t good enough”, according to GridLocate Founder Adrian Drewett.

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Android GPS Tracker

You’ve Just Gifted an Android to Your Daughter…Now What

Any daughter would love to receive an Android as a gift, and you’ve just made it happen! No doubt you saw an excited expression as she unwrapped her new gadget? Hopefully, you also caught it on camera. This is one gift that she won’t be forgetting any time soon!

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