GridLocate Company Overview

GridLocate develops GPS enabled solutions for locating anyone and anything, anywhere. Using our framework people can track mobile devices, valuables, cars and bikes. They can also track close friends and family, employees and volunteers. It’s possible to locate any registered device using online and in-app solutions, along with other GPS hardware.

The Family Locator (Android App)

GridLocate’s first product launch, featuring the GPS Tracker app and Family Locator, brought affordable mobile safety to families around the world. Designed with families in mind, it made tracking and locating family members an easy and reliable process.

The GPS Tracker and Family locator don’t burn through a mobile phone’s battery or data allowance. The apps can be used to track children, partners and the elderly, 24/7 and 365 days a year. Easily installed on Android smartphones and Apple devices, the GPS Tracker pings accurate location data to secure servers every 15 minutes.

Parents can register at, or in-app, to track and locate registered family devices. They’ll see current location and tracking history, including direction of travel.

The GridLocate Family Tracker is the #TrackAnythingAnywhere hub that started it all.

GPS Tracking for Business (Phone solutions)

Following the success of the Family Locator, GridLocate developments have continued into the business realm.

Companies and businesses, charities and organisations can use GridLocate products to track employees, volunteers and team members.

Standalone GPS tracking devices make it easier than ever to track people, pets and vehicles. Utilising the latest technology, these devices can function through in-vehicle trackers and wearables.

All business location tracking needs are covered by GridLocate’s GPS tracking solutions, with an in-house team available for bespoke builds and more complex requirements.

The GridLocate Story

When GridLocate launched, a survey of 100 parents found that 87% bought mobile phones for their children because of safety concerns. Only 14% used GPS tracking apps to locate their loved ones. Parents needed a simple, reliable and accurate way to find their family members, without any intrusive features such as battery drain, real-time updates, excessive data usage or requests for personal details.

95% of phones are GPS enabled, which means that GridLocate’s GPS tracking products are accessible to almost everyone.

The development of the GPS Tracker and Family Locator brought some very interesting results. They weren’t just being used by parents tracking children, but by people that wanted to check up on elderly people with dementia, partners on business trips, lost phones and employees. One simple interface suited all of these requirements, but GridLocate could do even more.

Today, the #TrackAnythingAnywhere solution is expanding to a new world of opportunities in the form of software and apps, GPS tracking hardware, wearables and connected devices.

Businesses can enjoy additional functionality, tracking their vehicles using reliable GPS trackers and their employees with smartphone apps.

All GridLocate solutions are easy to install and use, working in any country and on any network. They’re also secure, with no requests for personal information.

Businesses, and families, are safe with GridLocate tracking.

The GridLocate Team

GridLocate’s founders are Adrian Drewett and Dharmendra Singh.

GPS Tracker Founder
Adrian Drewett, Founder

The idea for GridLocate came about when Adrian lost his daughter at a fun-run in the local park. A parent's heart stops when they can't find, and have no idea how to find, a loved one. With the help of event marshals Adrian's daughter was found safely, but the incident inspired Adrian to develop a solution. Adrian is an entrepreneur, and interested in all things #startup.


GPS Tracker Co Founder
Dharmendra Pratap Singh, Co-Founder

Dharmendra joined the team as lead-developer and co-founder in 2015. Dharmendra has developed a number of apps to help people that are in danger or at risk. He loves new technologies, complex problems and fast solutions. Dharmendra has developed the platforms, the API, and the mobile app code that underpins the GridLocate solution.

Why GridLocate is needed

We all need help locating personal belongings, family or friends. We often lose our car keys or forget where we left our mobile phone. We also worry about family members that are late home.

A common misconception is that “it won’t happen to me”, but it does. In fact, it happens more frequently than people believe. 200 children are reported missing every day and 300,000 phones are lost or stolen each year (UK). 60% of those with dementia will wander and get lost. Losing things is inevitable.

Gridlocate will help you track and locate your valuable possessions, assets or people.

Gridlocate provides a GPS tracking solution to #TrackAnythingAnywhere, and with an increasing range of products for businesses it’s the all-in-one solution for every location monitoring need.

GPS enabled devices, smartphones and tracking hardware are all combined to create a GridLocate world, where all of us can take action to be safer and more efficient.