Affordable IOT Solutions

Affordable IOT Solutions

LoRaWAN™ IOT and GPS Tracking solutions for the home and business. Enabling anyone to benefit from IOT solutions by offering pre-configured, cost-effective solutions.


Your World, Tracked Through Ours

Our GPS Tracking and IoT solutions have an infinite number of uses. For every business, every home, every charity and NGO, there are ways you can use IoT to improve what you do, and how you do it.

B2B, Business

We make it easier to implement IoT solutions in the workplace, warehouse and out-and-about. If you have an idea and need advice or an affordable prototype, we can help.

Affordable IoT Solutions

Home and Family

Locating family, pets, or keeping track of your elderly relatives? Monitoring holiday home security or greenhouse temperatures. We’ve got a cost-effective solution.

Family Tracking Solutions

GPS Tracking

NGOs, Charities, Employers and Event Organisers looking for a better way to track people or assets? These are the projects we love. We’ve 5 years experience in location services, and a range of tracking solutions.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Affordable IoT Solutions that work

We develop and sell GPS Tracker and IoT solutions for people who want an easier way to track anything anywhere. We stock a range of fully-tested LoRa® sensors including temperature, humidity, reed-switches (e.g. doors), water/flood detection and more. All our devices are pre-configured to connect to our Tracking platform giving you instant IoT solutions without the development or technical headaches. An IoT starter pack including 2 LoRa® sensors, a LoRa® gateway and tracking platform costs just $400.

We’ve done the hard work, to make IoT easier

Adopting or piloting Internet of Thing solutions shouldn’t need a PhD in Computer Science. We make it easy. Whether it’s for business or home use, we’ve paired the technology, network and IoT platform to work seamlessly together.

We design and supply LoRa® sensors for most use-cases

LoRa® devices and gateways pre-configured to be plug-and-play

Our own Tracking and IoT Platform for easy monitoring.

Advice and consultancy on the best IoT solution for your business

Inhouse development teams for your bespoke requirements.


What makes a good Tracking/Sensor Platform

1.) LoRa® Sensors

1.) LoRa® Sensors

We sell fully tested and pre-configured IoT sensors, starting at just $80. Our sensors have a battery life of up to 2 years, and connect with existing LoRaWAN™ networks including TTN (The Things Network) and our own private network.

2.) LoRa® Gateways (IoT)

2.) LoRa® Gateways (IoT)

If you don’t already have a LoRaWAN™ network in your area, we sell a range of gateways, pre-configured with coverage up to 30km Rural and 5km urban.

3.) GridLocate IoT Platform

3.) GridLocate IoT Platform

We’ve been offering GPS Tracking solutions via our platform for over 3 years. We’ve now extended the platform to support the full range of IoT devices. If you need a more comprehensive solution, we have an in-house web/mobile development team.

View our range of sensors

What is LoRaWAN

LoRaWAN™ stands for Long Range Wide Area Network. It allows a GPS Tracker or IoT sensor to communicate over large distances with minimal battery use. Compared to Bluetooth (30meters) or WiFi (100m), LoRaWAN™ provides coverage up to 30km line-of-sight from one gateway. It’s equally good operating in warehouses and factories. LoRa® devices are typically cheaper and have longer battery life than GPRS/4G and other Radio-based solutions.


LoRaWAN™ is being rolled out to major cities across the world thanks to TTN, LORIOT and other providers. If coverage isn’t available in your area, we sell LoRa® gateways starting at just $300.00

Battery Life

Battery life up to, and beyond 10 years depending on IoT sensor and design.

Use Cases

We can do great things together!

IoT devices have limitless opportunities. With the right sensors in the right locations, we can help you save money, improve efficiency, safeguard your employees or assets and give you greater visibility and control over your services. Here’s some IoT Solution ideas.



Track your animals, monitor your building temperatures, receive alerts when gates are opened, and know where your employees are…. from one dashboard.

Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls

Monitor for water leaks, temperature, C02 and commercial refrigerator temperatures from your laptop or tablet, anywhere.

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Near and long range GPS tracking solutions including rugged IP68 devices with SOS panic buttons.. Employees, volunteers, humanitarian aid and response teams. Ideal solutions for remote areas where 3G/GPRS isn’t readily available.

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