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GPS Tracking using existing mobile phones

The GridLocate world is your key to reliable GPS tracking. Safe, secure and easy to use, our platform lets you locate people easily using their own GPS connected devices. Families, employers and charities use GridLocate to find people in case of emergency, concern or as a way of tracking their teams.

It’s FREE to register and track up to 5 devices, and just $10 a month to track up to 10 devices.

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What is GridLocate?

GridLocate converts your existing mobile phones into GPS Tracking units, making it easy to locate people. GridLocate GPS Tracker features:

  • location_on An online GPS Tracking system for locating people.
  • location_on Compatible with Android and Apple smartphone devices.
  • location_on Cost effective, with prices starting at just $10 per month for 10 devices.
  • location_on Used in more than 186 countries, covering over 40,187,261 locations.
  • location_on Up to date, with real time tracking and up to 30 days of location history.
  • location_on Easy on your phone battery, using just 2% per day.
  • location_on PAYG and contract friendly, requiring less than 5Mb of data per month.

GridLocate for Parents

Even the busiest parents can find a few minutes to install the GridLocate GPS Tracker and Family Locator apps. They can be installed on family devices for accurate, reliable, easy to use and non-invasive location tracking.

Every parent has felt their heart stop when their child has been out of sight. Give them freedom with worry, by using the GPS Tracker to locate your loved ones when they’re out and about.

You can use the GPS Tracker app to locate your children, your partner or your elderly relatives, keeping a close eye on everyone that you care about.

Locate Family with GridLocate
GPS Locate family for kids

#Easy Reliable Accurate Tracking

230 Countries
40,187,261 Locations
Accurate to 17 meters (*average)

What people think of the GridLocate Family GPS Tracker:

GPS Tracker User review
Simon Swords
GPS Tracker User review The Family Locator is a really useful app. I installed it to keep track of my son when he’s out and about, and I’m impressed with the accuracy of the data.
GPS Tracker User review
Annamaria Kasa
quote tag This is great for locating my husband! I installed the GPS Tracker on my kids’ phones, but also asked my husband to install it on his. Now, I can see where my family members are, with only slight inaccuracies when they’re travelling by train.
GPS Tracker User review
Leigh Hoare
quote tag A reassuring way to locate family. I installed the GPS Tracker mobile phone app on iPhone and Android devices, and I can locate family online. It was easy to install, too.
GPS Tracker User review
Rachael Rogan
quote tag It’s a great app! Easy to install and use. Does exactly what I need!

GPS Tracker App screenshot

Give us a spin. It's free!

For instant location information, follow these three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Click to Register your FREE GridLocate account.
  • Step 2: Download GPS Tracker onto the phones you want to track.
    Get it on Google Play    GPS tracker on iphone
  • Step 3: Add the devices to your account using the Unique ID's.

You can view their current location and history online, or download Family Locator for Android for on-the-go family location updates.

GridLocate for Business

GridLocate for Business provides non-intrusive tracking and monitoring a reality for companies like yours.

Available 24/7, it allows you to track your workers at any time day or night. Using our smartphone based GPS Trackers, we provide new location data every 15 minutes.

There are no battery-killing real-time updates. Instead, you’ll see useful data without watching an employee’s every move.

Our solution can be installed on any employee’s company phone, or on their personal phone with their permission.

GPS for Business solutions
Business GPS Tracking

Keep track of your team

GridLocate is the perfect people tracking tool for volunteers, security staff and subcontractors, as well as being the ideal choice for school trips and charity events.

Use GridLocate GPS tracking to keep tabs on scattered teams, when people are working across a wide area. Whether they’re just down the road or on the other side of the country, you’ll be able to find their location.

GPS tracking can be used to locate the nearest volunteer in an emergency, providing fast response times and potentially saving lives. It can also be used by teachers on school trips, to keep segmented groups ‘in view’.

Contact us for more information: [email protected], or register for your free trial.

Event Management

GPS Development Solutions

We offer bespoke location data solutions for your project, including business, NGO, humanitarian and research requirements. We have an in-house development team, dedicated to GPS development.

We work with you on the design and build of data capture methods, business logic, and data export, to allow large volumes of GPS data to be processed.

We’ve also worked on a number of projects including the Delhi Commute Study, processing millions of data points.

Find out more : [email protected], or register for your free trial.

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